Here in the UK, we have a number of support networks in place to support UK businesses in their international trade goals. These organisations are there to help support international freight movements, offering services that support customs and help to grow our economy and relationships with other countries. The BIFA is one of these and, in today’s blog, we’ll delve into what they do and whether their services could help you.

What is the BIFA?

The BIFA or British International Freight Association is the main trade association for registered companies. They are there to encourage and support businesses that engage in international trade by all modes, including air, road, rail and sea. With over 1500 members throughout the supply chain and logistics sector, they are also a key support network for freight forwarders.

The BIFA is a non-profit organisation and provides representation, information, guidance, training, development and industry promotion. It is representative of national and international bodies as well as related institutions.

How Does it Support Freight Forwarding?

The BIFA are instrumental in supporting UK freight forwarders. They established a related freight forwarding apprenticeship alongside the BIFA’s Young Forwarder Network (YFN). This regional networking group allows members to talk to and learn from their peers and others in the industry.

The goal is to help:

  • Improve knowledge.
  • Support self career development.
  • Share experiences with professionals.
  • Offer unique experiences to those in the industry.
  • Inspire freight forwarders.

How the BIFA Helps Our Clients

The British International Freight Association is also driven to ensure that the highest levels of service are provided through the international trade sector. It is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and quality within the transport and logistics sector, offering the training needed to provide exceptional service. For our clients, this gives them access to the best international trade support as their business expands or services become more complex.

Radius Warehouse and Logistics are proud to be both members of the BIFA. Our team takes advantage of their extensive range of training and news regarding the international trade market to ensure we can offer the most comprehensive service for our customers. For more information about the support we receive, to request a quote or to speak to a member of the team here today, please do get in contact.