Shorter delivery times and trustworthy services are two of the main things you can do to build good return business. Factors such as these help to reinforce a dedication to good customer service which encourages people to come back for future purchases. For those shipping orders further afield, road freight services offer a number of benefits. And, particularly in contrast to sea or air freight, they offer significantly shorter delivery times when organised right. This blog will look at which road freight is such a desirable method for many eCommerce and online businesses.

Benefits of road freight


Having items shipped by road eliminates many excessive and unneeded fees. When organised well, it will reduce the cost of delivery and help you pass those savings on to your customers.

Flexible storage options

With most freight forwarding companies able to offer a variety of vehicles to suit your needs, there is much flexibility with road freight. Whether you’re shipping individual parcels or larger orders, there is a mode of transportation available.

Good access

In general, the majority of your end customers will have access to their property by road. This allows deliveries to be shipped to the door, minimising the risk of breaks and cutting down on the movements needed. Door-to-door delivery is the best way to ensure products are received in pristine condition – something that air freight or sea freight cannot offer.


Road freight if one of the fastest modes of delivery. The only things hindering the movements of a vehicle are road accidents and traffic. Particularly for short-distance deliveries, having them delivered by road is ideal. And, even for longer-haul shipments, having a vehicle board a ferry and then continue the remainder of the journey on road eliminates multiple movements and speeds up the entire delivery process.

Fewer Restrictions

If needed, delivery drivers can drive through the night. Minimising downtime and reducing delivery times significantly, this is particularly important with time-sensitive orders or if trying to make the best impression on your customers.

Ability for multiple deliveries

When shipping out multiple deliveries that all sit on the same route, your driver can organise themselves to do these all in one go. Again, this minimises freight movement, the risk of damages and speeds up the process overall.

Road freight is a highly effective option when it comes to achieving the shortest delivery times. For businesses of all sizes and shapes, it gives you heightened freedom and flexibility. Here at Radius Warehouse and Logistic Services, we offer a comprehensive freight movement service to all our customers. To learn more about our fast, competitive and reliable road trainer service that operates throughout Scandinavia and mainland Europe, contact the team here today.