Pick pack services are now commonly offered by many freight companies. It is an added feature that complements shipment processes because most of the time the goods that are being shipped also need to be stored momentarily in a warehouse facility for scheduled distribution. Instead of allowing their customers to hire another company for this service, freight companies have cleverly added this to their line of services, not just to please but also to give support to their customers. Their clients, on the other hand, can enjoy several benefits by outsourcing their pick pack services and these are some of them.


If a company, especially a small business, takes charge of its own product distribution, it will have to hire several employees to handle logistics, maintain a warehouse that can accommodate the maximum amount of goods that they intend to keep on stock at any given time, and have a fleet of vehicles for delivery purposes. All of these will incur a huge investment for initial cost and daily operational expenses. Outsourcing pick pack services, on the other hand, will entail a much lesser cost because you are sharing the warehouse facility with other companies and the provider will handle all initial investments.

Larger Storage Capacity

Because providers of pick and pack services normally handle multiple clients, their warehouses are able to accommodate larger volumes of products. They also have enough vehicles to handle all delivery needs. A small company with limited financial capital will have a hard time matching this capacity, which can affect the flow of product distribution and consequently cause a bad reputation to the business.

Advanced Stock Inventory System

Another good thing about outsourced pick and pack services is that their providers are now using technologically advanced inventory system. Everything is done through a web service, where clients are given special access so that they can pick the goods that they need to be distributed, schedule their deliveries, and have a real-time report of their current inventories.

Better Security

Aside from state of the art inventory system, providers of pick and pack services also ensure that their warehouses and premises are heavily secured. Any theft or damages incurred on the stored products will be a huge blow to their reputation and could result to them losing their most valued clients. This is why they invest a lot in security to show that they are serious about their responsibility of keeping their customers’ products safe, as they have committed to in their contracts.


Most of all, outsourcing your pick and pack services will be highly convenient for you. The new trend among companies now is to focus on the core aspects of the business and let third party providers take care of other processes. Although you must still have a supply-chain group, the actual task of storage, inventory, and distribution can be easily assigned to reliable contractors, who are more experienced and capable of doing the task. This will remove a huge load of work from you for a fee that is very reasonable too.

If you are exporting or importing goods, ask your freight company if they are also offering pick pack services. This will allow you to transact with a single provider that can offer better fees for the additional business that you are giving them. Most importantly, it will save you time and money so that you can focus on the more important aspects of your business.