International shipping presents a whole host of unique challenges, many of which share similarities with those found in general retail eCommerce. Increasing demand for your product can put strains on the capabilities of your existing workforce while a restricted budget prevents you from growing the team. In a bid to preserve high levels of customer service, many of our clients opt for the Pick & Pack service paired with Send and Ship. This vastly improves logistics and allows growth to be possible, even without other restrictions.

What is Pick & Pack?

This service allows you to take advantage of an external warehouse and employees to deliver products to your customer. When an order is placed on your online store or through your business, the details are delivered to our warehouse. From here, our highly efficient team handles the picking and packing of the items in question. A hands-on experience minimises the risk of errors and allows you to hold on to a keen eye for detail.

How can this service help grow your business?

When you start out, logistically it may be possible to pack and ship products yourself. Even once you have a small team behind you, this may still be a feasible and cost-effective solution. But as you start to grow and orders begin to flow in their hundreds, it’s likely that this process will become a challenge. This is where Pick & Pack comes into play.

Allowing you to send large quantities of your goods out to customers, regardless of size and all for a low individual cost, this omnichannel fulfilment service means you can maintain high customer service levels at all times. In addition, through Pick & Pack, you have the opportunity to offer additional delivery service options to customers. This includes next day UK delivery as well as European and Worldwide distribution if required.

Boost branding

Alongside boosting delivery times and lessening the load on your own employees, this service can be tailored to help improve brand recognition. Our fulfilment team can utilise specialist branded packaging or re-package items that come directly from the supplier. So your brand can continue to grow while you invest money into more vital aspects of development.

If you would like to discuss Pick & Pack or any of the ancillary services offered alongside this, contact our team here at Radius Warehouse and Logistic Services.