Understanding the difference between FCL and LCL Understanding the difference between FCL and LCL 5th October 2020

LCL containers are designed to carry light loads, with a higher risk of damage and lost packages. FCL containers offer more protection against loss and damage for goods that need better care in transit.

awb vs consol Back-to-Back AWB VS Consol

Back-to-back AWB is a single contract of shipment. The rates on this are usually cheaper and the time of freight can often be up to 20 days. Consol is a series of contracts that may be cheaper or more expensive depending on the amount and size of goods being exported.

Importing goods overseas What documents are required when importing goods overseas? 4th September 2020

In order to import goods overseas, you need to provide certain documentation. This includes the required paperwork, as well as checking for any flags or taxes.

Road freight services How to achieve shorter delivery times with road freight services 27th August 2020

Freight services offer shorter delivery times than sea or air freight, and road freight is one of the best options. This blog will outline the advantages of implementing road freight services for your company in contrast to other methods.

How long does customs clearance take, on average? How long does customs clearance take, on average? 18th August 2020

Customs clearance takes on average 3-5 business days. This timeline can vary greatly depending on where your goods are originating from, the items you’re importing, and any other unforeseen circumstances.

Cross trade shipments explained Cross trade shipments explained

This blog post will explain the complexities of this model and how it can be used by your business with the help of our specialists here at Radius Warehouse & Logistics.

pick and pack How Pick & Pack could improve logistics in your business 1st July 2020

Pick and pack is a cost-effective way to improve logistics, while also allowing you to grow your business. This service removes the strain on your existing workforce by having it done remotely, while also allowing growth of your business without restrictions.

hazardous goods What are the classifications of hazardous goods?

Hazardous goods are divided into 8 classifications and it is important to provide a clear description of the products when shipping internationally so that customs can identify it and have the correct information on how to handle them.

shipping insurance International Shipping Insurance – everything you need to know 1st June 2020

International Shipping Insurance is a way for you to protect your cargo as it travels to other countries. You do this by entrusting your goods to third-party handlers, international shipping insurance is a good idea in case something goes wrong.