When it comes to growing your business, packaging branding can have a significant impact. In fact, some studies show that over 50% of online customers will make a repeat purchase if they receive a product in premium packaging. And up to 90% will reuse attractive product packaging after purchase. The opportunity to stay at the forefront of your customer’s minds for longer is what puts you ahead of the competition. Our comprehensive guide will help you better understand the benefits of personalising your packaging and how our expertise can help you with this.

What is branding for business?

In modern business, having a clear and defined brand is essential. Competition is rife. Companies are popping up all over the place and having the edge helps to build your customer base. Your brand is a way of identifying your company. Many people think of it as a logo – which is definitely one defining factor. However, your brand is so much more than just the visuals. It’s the language you use in your marketing and for customer service emails. It’s the uniforms and clothing that those representing your company wear. It’s charitable causes your business supports, the local activities it upholds and the way in which customers see you.

Why is it important for growth?

Even if your business has been going for many years, branding can positively impact your corporate growth. Some of the ways it can do so are:


Having a strong and unique brand helps your brand to be recognised in comparison to the competition. A visual logo, for example, will help you to stand out and stay in the forefront of your customer’s minds.

Business value

In order to grow as a business, you need to have a brand that gives customers value. This perceived value helps you capture the attention of new customers as you expand into different venues. It is also an investment that promises to keep giving.

New customers

Think about all of the times that a brand has captured your eye through their branding – either visually or the words they’ve used. The potential to expand your customer base increases when you put time and effort into effective branding.

Employee satisfaction

People like to feel a part of something when they work for a company. They want to feel proud of the business they’re helping to grow. Solid branding that encompasses everything a company stands for helps employees to feel this level of satisfaction.

Builds trust

Having a professional and well-structured brand allows you to build trust within your customers. They believe that time and effort has been taken to create a successful business that can meet their needs and requirements.

How does packaging help boost branding efforts?

True for both online and offline companies, branding and packaging are two of the most important aspects of marketing. For the purpose of this guide, we will focus primarily on eCommerce businesses who don’t have the luxury of a brick-and-mortar store to express their brand ethos. Consistent and well-thought-out branding on your packaging allows you to make the most of the post-purchase period – heightening the possibility that there will be repeat purchases.

Customer experience

Imagine your customer has already discovered your company. They’ve visited your website, found the item they like and either gone away to research or made a purchase there and then. Your job’s done, right? Wrong! Yes, it’s great that you’ve made a sale here. But how much better would it be if you could make 2, 3 or even 10 sales through the exact same person. Exceptional customer service is one of the most proven ways to ensure repeat custom but the post-sales experience is just as important.

Now, imagine your customer receives their parcel in a battered, brown box with no markings. The product inside is as expected, but they haven’t felt any emotional attachment to the parcel when it arrived. Now consider this. Your customer receives a beautifully branded, high-quality box packed with colour-branded padding and their order inside wrapped in branded packaging. In the world of social media, there’s always the possibility that they’ll snap a quick photo before opening and upload this for hundreds to see. Maybe, if you’re lucky, they’ll even consider filming an ‘unboxing’ video for their Youtube video. All of these forms of CGM (consumer-generated marketing) have more trust and weight behind it when it comes to influencing others to choose your brand.

In this scenario, you’re more likely to have made a positive impression on your customer. You’re reinforcing the brand you’ve invested money into producing. You’re elevating the perceived value of your product by insinuating that it deserves to be transported in high-quality and beautiful packaging. All of these factors help to boost your branding efforts.


Some products require additional information or education in order for the customer to get the most out of them. Here, it lies on you to provide this in the clearest and most easily understandable form. Packaging provides you with an effective way to explain the key benefits and ensure consumers are able to use it properly. Consider food packaging for example – you can discover every ingredient that goes into your favourite meal, just by reading the packaging.

How to make the most of branded packaging

When adding branded packaging into your business model, it’s important to understand what you’re aiming to achieve. Nothing about your marketing strategy should be implemented on a whim. You need to do your research, establish your motives and decide what goals you’re looking to achieve. Here are our tips for getting the most out of your packaging.

  • Make sure your logo is clearly visible. Chances are, you’ve invested significant time and money into its design. And, in order to reinforce a brand, you need to stay consistent. Make sure the logo sits in pride of place.
  • Stick to your brand colour scheme. As we mentioned above, consistency is everything when it comes to branding. Having a primary and secondary colour pallet to work from will give you more freedom with designs while ensuring everything still has a degree of uniformity.
  • Don’t over-design. It’s easy to fall into the trap of redrawing, re-sketching and re-analysing things over and over again before putting it to print. However, doing this is likely to overcomplicate the design you’ve created.
  • Make sure essential information is included. If you’re dealing with foods, certain information needs to be included on packaging by law. More information on this is available at the food.gov website here. For other goods, such as those classed as hazardous, also need specific information to be included.

Here at Radius Warehouse & Logistic Services, we have a specialist branded packaging and repackaging service. Here, we’ll take care of packing your products up, keeping them looking their best and ensuring your marketing goals are able to succeed. If you have any questions about this service, get in contact with the team here today who will be happy to help.

This guide is focused around Radius Warehouse & Logistics offer to re-package eCommerce shipments into branded products. It will provide an explanation and look into the ways that good branding can benefit your business growth. The guide will look at making a memorable impression on customers – something that is harder to do with an eCommerce store than it is with a brick-and-mortar experience. It will explain how branded packaging heightens your visibility and conveys the message that you give to customers. Where relevant, the guide will include inner linking back to the main website.