If you are involved with, or have an interest towards logistics, then there is no doubt that you have heard of the Windsor Framework. With the implementation of Brexit, new agreements had to be put into place, and for anybody involved with overseas logistics, it is absolutely critical to know the key points of this legal agreement.

In today’s blog, we will be taking the time to give the key information regarding the Windsor Framework.

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Why did the trade between Northern Ireland and England change?

Even though Northern Ireland, like Scotland and Wales are part of the UK as a whole, the decision of leaving the EU via Brexit was separated between the sovereign states. Simply put, Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to stay within the EU, whilst England and Wales voted to leave.

Prior to this vote, members of the European Union had the benefit of trading amongst each other with limited checks, and a level of freedom. This was known as the single market. Northern Ireland still has access to the single market with other EU members, whereas their trades with England are still achievable, but more complicated.

How did trade between Northern Ireland and England change?

With the UK being out of the EU single market, the UK was not subject to the regulations imposed by the EU regarding the movement of goods. This means that new regulations between the UK and other states had to be drafted and agreed upon, such as the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Although Brexit was the key factor in the change in trade agreements between Northern Ireland and England, there are also significant priorities such as the Good Friday Agreement that had to be taken into consideration.

Prior to the Windsor Framework, when the Northern Ireland Protocol was introduced, there were practical issues that came to light. These issues had raised concerns from the business community and the Unionist communities of Northern Ireland.

The Windsor Framework is an effort to address the concerns by enabling a streamlined movement of goods between England and Northern Ireland, whilst not voiding the stipulations of the Good Friday Agreement.

So what does the Windsor Framework actually do?

The Windsor Framework explained

The Windsor Framework is a trade agreement that came into effect in October 2023. It makes amendments to a previous agreement between the UK, Northern Ireland, and the EU, known as ‘The Northern Ireland Protocol’.

The Northern Ireland Protocol was implemented as a result of Brexit, in its simplest form, the protocol exists to ensure that vital trade isn’t compromised as a result of the consequences of Brexit.

Here are some of the benefits that the Windsor Framework enables…

  • The necessity of moving goods such as food and drink, parcels and medicine from Great Britain to Northern Ireland is not hindered by complex checks. This reduction of trade barriers is in effect due to the Northern Ireland Retail Movement Scheme.
  • Due to the reduction of complicated customs declarations usually required for many goods, there is a reduced cost and reduction of administrative burdens for businesses that trade within the UK. That means that businesses in Northern Ireland that trade in the UK can experience a slightly more simple business environment than before.
  • Supply chains in Northern Ireland are safeguarded better than they were before, due to food, drink, and medicine being allowed to pass through checks with more freedom than before.
  • One of the aims of the Windsor Framework is to achieve a balance with Northern Ireland and its access to the EU’s single market, whilst trading with the rest of the UK. It allows a continued and healthy relationship with the UK market, without compromising established commitments to the European Union.
  • As a result of the ease of trade barriers due to the Windsor Framework, the economic potential for Northern Ireland is extremely positive. As the framework allows for businesses to operate efficiently, and with a little more freedom, whilst the consumer can benefit from a medley of goods at competitive prices.

Despite these benefits, it is worth addressing that the Windsor Framework has been implemented in October 2023. At the time of writing, it is not even 6 months into this deal being practised consistently.

As time goes on, there may be further changes that build on what the Windsor Framework has enabled. At the same time, there also may be challenges posed by the framework that become apparent as time goes on that may need rectifying.

That being said, the Windsor Framework paints a positive picture, and an incredibly significant step in confronting the challenges that the Northern Ireland Protocol has presented.

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Was Brexit worth it?

After reading this article, it can be argued that the necessity for new agreements with Northern Ireland is an unnecessary complication that we didn’t need to put ourselves in, by leaving the EU.

Others may argue that the freedom to forge our own rules regarding the trade of our goods puts us in a unique economic position. Whilst allowing us to take control of our borders.

Political affiliations aside, we can all agree that a thriving economy, with content citizens, booming industries, and healthy relationships with our global connections are the most important goals to attain. Hopefully, going forward we can only hope our political representatives share these goals and reflect them in their policies.

At Radius Warehouse and Logistics, although we can’t say for certain what is right or wrong, what we can say is that we will always continue to help you regardless of the changes that come our way. We adapt and overcome, we get from point A, to point B. Whatever the circumstances.

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We hope that our blog highlighted the key elements you need to know when it comes to The Windsor Framework

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