Time-sensitive shipments are vital to many businesses. Whether combined with products that start to deteriorate when left outside of specified conditions for an extended period of time or simply to improve the experience for customers, they form a significant role in business logistics. Being able to offer this service effectively can put you ahead of the competition by a landslide. This guide will help identify whether you need to consider time-sensitive shipments for your business.

What is a time-sensitive shipment?

In short, a time-sensitive shipment is one that needs to be made in a shorter time frame than traditional parcels. They are largely used for high-value products in a bid to minimise theft and damage during transit. Additionally, they offer further choice to the customer, helping to build a solid brand reputation and customer loyalty.

You’ll find a variety of products offering or utilising these services for different reasons. Those shipping perishable goods, such as goods and plants, make use of time-sensitive shipping to reduce spoiling. Here also sits organic matter such as organ and blood shipments. And alongside these, companies generally turn to shorter delivery times during busier periods of the year, namely Christmas. Critical shipping such as this requires specialised management, a system that allows you to monitor shipment in real-time and the support of an experienced freight forwarding company.

Why are they so important to your business?

Whether this service is relevant to you largely depends on the business model you run and the products you sell. There are a host of benefits to consider including:

    • Faster Delivery Times

When running up against some high competition, being able to offer shorter lead times for delivery gives you a significant edge. It provides customers with more choice, encouraging them to shop with you for last-minute purchases as well as considered buys.

    • Reduced Risk Of Damage

Traditional shipping involves situations where parcels will be stored at a dedicated facility for a dedicated period of time before moving on to the customer. This increases the risk of damage or loss, putting further strain on the relationship you’re building alongside each order. Time-sensitive shipments reduce the amount of time a parcel is in the possession of a third-party, thereby the risk of damage also decreases.

    • Minimised Spoilage

As we mentioned above, time-sensitive shipping is a popular option with those distributing foods, flowers or organic matter. It speeds up the time in which a product is out of specialist storage and in conditions that can cause its physical state to deteriorate.

    • Guaranteed Delivery

This service comes at a premium for a reason. You pay to secure an exact, guaranteed delivery date (and sometimes time). In doing so, the benefits vastly outweigh additional costs and risk of providing poor customer service.

Logistic considerations

Consumers are becoming more and more accustomed to the technology that exists and allows time-sensitive shipments to be possible. And, as a business, you need to take this into consideration when planning the logistics of this service.

Choose The Right Carrier

When time is of an essence, choosing a reliable and experienced carrier service is vital. You need to ensure that they:

  • Clearly understand your business needs and requirements.
  • Have the technologies and resources in place to guarantee consistency when it comes to timed deliveries.
  • Provide a range of innovative solutions that improve efficiency and minimise the risk of issues during transit.
  • Are flexible enough to accommodate any last-minute alterations you may encounter.
  • Have a reliable, well-proven record of consistently good service and timely deliveries.
  • Provide a range of integrated technology systems that allow you to track parcels easily.
  • Prioritises customer service for your team.
  • Values the business you provide.

Focus On Packaging

Time-sensitive shipping is used heavily where products are fragile or prone to damage. Lacking inappropriate packing also increases the risk of damage here so paying attention to the protective options you choose can have a significant impact. Invest in high-quality packaging – low-quality products will cost your business more in the long run through repairs. You want to ensure the package arrives with the customer in pristine condition to maintain good brand recognition and reputation.

Pay Attention To Labelling

International shipments need to pass through a lengthy customs process and this is all before they reach your end customer. To speed up this stage, appropriate and correct labelling minimises the chance of parcels being held up. In turn, this improves the likelihood of a product arriving on time. This is where the right carrier or freight forwarding company will come into play. They’ll be able to advise on the existing regulations for your destination company.

Ensure Parcels Are Ready For Collection

Another way to minimise delays in shipping is to ensure the parcels in question are ready for collection on time. Make sure you have it packaged up protectively, labelled up and ready to go in advance.

Utilise Additional Services

Depending on the product at hand, there are services available to prevent deterioration. These include temperature-controlled storage, lift gate services for heavy shipments, dangerous goods facilities and two-man driver teams. Each of these can be organised by all-encompassing carriers who can advise on the right service for your needs.

Use Smart Technology

Time-sensitive deliveries are generally supplied with high-level smart technology which allows you to easily track parcels wherever they are. When orders are destined to arrive at a certain location at a specific time, this allows both you and the customer to guarantee the delivery process goes off without a hitch.

Here at Radius Warehouse and Logistic Services, we offer time-sensitive deliveries to our clients as part of our ancillary Pick & Pack services. If you would like to discuss individual requirements with a member of our experienced and friendly team, get in contact or request a quote from the website today.