When you’re growing your eCommerce business and looking for a viable way to store products, a Commercial Palletised Storage Space is ideal. It allows you to benefit from safe and cost-effective storage while being intrinsically linked with your freight movement logistics. Taking this level of organisation out of your hands and operating it externally allows you to focus on more pressing matters.

Here at Radius Warehouse and Logistic Services, we operate a comprehensive eCommerce service to businesses of all different sizes. This guide will explain how this process works and the benefits it can afford you commercially.

What is Commercial Palletised Storage?

This form of storage is specifically tailored for commercial needs. It involved hard-wearing storage aid systems that are designed to store your product while on pallets. They are professionally stacked and supported alongside others, either within your own product line or that of businesses in a similar field. Incorporating storage into cargo movement can speed up the entire process and allows you to focus on connecting with customers.

By keeping products on pallets for an extended period of time, you are able to minimise the storage capacity needed. This translates into a cost-effective and budget-friendly option for you. Businesses choosing to have their own storage are met with high renting prices and overheads if organisation is not prioritised. Palletised storage allows you to compactly keep products in secure wrappings before they are distributed out to your clients or end customers.

Benefits for eCommerce Businesses

Using an effective pallet racking system offers a host of benefits, both to the warehouse and the client themselves.

Limited storage space
Limited Storage Space

Reducing the space needed for your products to be effectively stored frees up space for other items. It minimises the cost to you to rent out this space every month. Pallet racking systems store vertically which increases efficiency and reduces density within a warehouse. Trucks and forklifts can deliver and retrieve the goods easily, without having an impact on any other products around it.

Reduced Damage
Reduced Damage

Pallets are wrapped in layers of protective packaging. While this is primarily designed to minimise damage during transit, it also lends these benefits to storage. If all of your products were lined up individually, the chance of damage increases. Keeping them all together is considerably safer. The pallet racking systems used are also designed to withstand life truck impacts, preventing falls.

Commercial Palletised Storage Space
Customisable System

This form of commercial storage is entirely customisable. If you plan to ship products out by the pallet, this can be achieved through forklifts and transportation. Equally, distributing products individually can also be actioned with the remaining stock left within the pallets to stay safe.

Supports Order Fulfilment
Supports Order Fulfilment

Palletised storage is easily incorporated into eCommerce fulfilment systems. Pickers can select the number of products needed per order from the pallet. This process makes location identification considerably easier, minimises the risk of errors. Additionally, merchandise isn’t replenished individually but rather in full pallets which work seamlessly within this model.

Easy To Expand
Easy To Expand

If your product lines expand, it’s easy for you to allocate additional space to pallets without needing to alter the system in any way. This supports market growth and allows your business to grow without additional labour on the logistics side.

Safety Within The Warehouse
Safety Within The Warehouse

For the benefit of your logistics, it’s important to remember safety within the warehouse. It reduces the chance of slips, trips or related-activity. Pallets keep products organised lowers the risk of injuries and encourages warehouse staff to organise items in a more efficient way.

Just For Storage?

The benefits of commercial palletised storage doesn’t just accommodate eCommerce distribution. It can also offer a viable storage solution. Imagine you’re working on a brand new product line that sits within your business or as a branch of your originals. Having a secure and safe location to keep products until launch day minimises the risk of premature exposure, giving your business the ability to build a strong marketing plan. It also allows you to redirect budget towards other areas as you grow, rather than having an internal storage system constructed.

The beauty of this system is how seamlessly it can be incorporated easily into Pick and Pack eCommerce Fulfillment and other models. You have the capability to dial in, view current stock-on-hand, pick the relevant stock for dispatch and review previous transactions through the integrated IT system.

Why Choose Radius Warehouse and Logistic Services?

When working with an external warehouse for your product storage, it is important that you identify a company with the experience you need. Commercial Palletised Storage Space is a specialist set-up which requires a running understanding of eCommerce requirements and the ability to integrate additional systems if needed.

Our team has over 20 years of experience offering logistic solutions to numerous businesses. Our warehouse facility in South West UK sits just outside of Bristol and is managed in-house by our specialist department. We have integrated IT fulfilment systems and the capacity to replace these with your own technology if needed. When it comes to storage, we operated one of the safest and most secure systems. Our pallet racking system is built to support your individual needs, with a variety of options available.

We work with you to establish the most cost-effective solution for your business and put into place the measures to support commercial growth. Speaking to a member of our team allows you to better understand the scope of our facility and the ways in which we can store, pick and transport goods underneath your name.

If you would like more information about our Warehouse Services or, specifically, our Commercial Palletised Storage Space, get in contact with our team here today who will be happy to help.