Today’s blog will be covering everything you need to know about being fresh and timely: road freight for agriculture
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Road freight — how it can help you

Road freight is the process of transporting cargo via a vehicle that travels via roads. These vehicles can be trucks, lorries, vans, and cars etc. Depending on the cargo being transported, specialised vehicles that can carry large and/or heavy goods are employed.
The cargo can be almost anything, and is subject to the business in need of the transportation. From agriculture, to products, to building equipment, furniture, or technology and more.
Road freight has the capacity to receive and deliver products from cargo ships, depots, warehouses, or showrooms. And also has the capacity to deliver cargo overseas, depending on the abilities of the logistics company.

The benefits of transporting goods via road freight

The handy thing about road freight, especially if you are using the services of an established and professional logistics company, is that your cargo will be delivered on time barring any unforeseen circumstances.
If there are any issues, drivers usually have a point of communication with their client, who can inform the customer of any issues.
What’s more is that the cargo being transported is maintained to the best standard, meaning it isn’t just dumped in the vehicle, it is placed with safety in mind, as well as keeping the cargo pristine.

Can road freight transport anything?

No. The goods that road freight can transport will vary, with some not being allowed at all, and some being transported only with special permission, and tests such as an ADR test.
In the UK, some goods that can’t be transported include…
  • Explosives
  • Flammables
  • Fuming Acids
  • Pesticides
  • Paints
  • Solvents

What is agriculture?

Agriculture is an encompassing name for many processes that result in varies products, in a nutshell, agriculture is the process of cultivating crops, plants and livestock, in addition to preparing them for distribution.
This is a process that has existed through the earliest civilisations. Although there are many developments and variations on how agriculture is practised, the advent of vehicles and, in turn, logistics provided a new market for agricultural products all over the globe.
As a result of agriculture, you have products such as…
  • Meat
  • Grains
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Animal by-products such as wool.
And much more.

Fresh and timely: road freight for agriculture

In the past, way before vehicles existed, the biggest challenge that agricultural workers faced, was keeping their produce fresh over long journeys. There’s no doubt that creative methods were used, but this undoubtedly only worked for so long.

Prior to planes, trains and vehicles, boats and horses were the main method of transportation, both globally and locally. Now that logistical services exist, in addition to superior methods of transportation, and additional technology, agriculture has become much easier to transport.
So what’s the connection between road freight and agriculture? Well, let’s use meat as an example.
Let’s say a butcher orders a carcass to carve his meat from, if he’s in London, and the meat is coming from Aberdeen for example, a long journey in a warm vehicle will spoil that meet.
Reputable road freight services have long since had trucks that can keep their cargo at an optimal temperature to preserve it over long distances, this is one of many ways that road freight benefits agriculture.
The same can be said for exotic fruits, or certain vegetables. From the farm, to the shop that it is scheduled to go to, it must be in a specific environment in order to maintain its freshness.
You begin to understand the complexities that road freight solves when you look through the fruit section of your local supermarket, and see the countries that the fruit has come from.

Does every logistics company transport agriculture?

No, some logistics companies may transport specific products, or large items, whilst others are happy to transport anything.
That being said, Radius Warehouse and Logistics Services has over 20 years of experience in logistics, including road freight and more. As a result of this experience, and our connections globally, we are able to offer tailor made logistics services.
That means if you are looking for the services of a logistical company for your agricultural products, whether that is receiving them or delivery, we can help. We deal with cargo of all sizes, simply get in touch with us to see how our services can benefit you today. You can request a quote here.
In addition, when opting to choose Radius Warehouse and Logistics Services, your agricultural delivery can benefit from the following advantages we offer…
  • A dependable & dedicated service supported by a vast amount of experience, technology, and expertise.
  • Daily Departures to European countries such as Italy, Spain, France, Holland, and more.
  • Extensive surface through Europe, Scandinavia, and Ireland.
  • Express/Next day delivery on some cargo.
  • A fleet of vans and trucks of all sizes.
  • An option for a road courier service for smaller items.
An option for a road courier service for smaller items.
We also provide ancillary services, which are services that relate to cargo inspection, preparation of customs documentation, storage of transported good, or goods to be transported. This is vital for anybody who wants to export their DIY/home improvement goods.
Our ancillary services cover:
  • Documentation services.
  • Nationwide collection and delivery in the United Kingdom.
  • Express deliveries in the UK and globally.

Can I transport agricultural produce myself?

If your agricultural products are being taken to a local farmers market, and you have the right equipment in order to preserve the freshness and quality of your produce, then yes.
But if your produce is being transported over a larger distance, and you don’t have the licence to drive a heavy goods vehicle, and/or if the vehicle does not have the equipment needed to preserve freshness, then no.
If your agricultural produce is incorrectly preserved during transport, it can make the produce mouldy or rotten in areas. If someone purchases and ingests that produce and falls ill, you can be made responsible if your transportation was inadequate.
Additionally, incorrectly transporting produce will result in wasted time and money for you, as it is extremely unlikely that produce that has been spoiled will be accepted by the customer that ordered them.
From this, it is easy to see how agricultural transport via road freight can solve so many problems, and provide so much help to produce makers and members of the public alike. But at the same time, just one mistake in transportation can ruin the whole process. This is why using the logistical services of an established and experienced company is paramount.

Find the right road freight for agriculture today

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