When it comes to home improvement, there may be times in which certain fixtures are only available outside the UK. If you make the purchase, the chances are that your fixture, or indeed anything DIY related will have some, or all of its journey delivered by road freight.

Similarly, maybe you have a business that exports fixtures or furnishings etc for homes, having the capacity to deliver your works over Europe will serve to develop your global reach.

In today’s blog, we will be exploring the facts and benefits around delivering DIY: Road freight for home improvement. 

Radius Warehouse and Logistics is here to provide you with all the information you need when it comes to the multiple areas of logistics that we provide, from sea, to air, to road freight solutions. Operating from the South West of England for over 20 years, or experience, and service is here for anyone who needs it. 

What does road freight do?

Put simply, road freight is a process that most if not all items go through in order to get from one place to another. It is essentially the transport of cargo via roads, generally using specialised vehicles capable of carrying large quantities.

The cargo can come from depots, warehouses, showrooms, cargo ships, whether it is coming from overseas, or being delivered overseas, road freight can deliver it. Sometimes travelling via sea freight along its journey. 

The size of the vehicle being deployed is subject to the cargo being delivered, either way, road freight is subject to methods of operation that ensure safe and quick deliveries that are monitored from start to finish. 

What can’t road freight take?

The goods that road freight can transport can vary significantly. However, at least in the UK, there are some goods that can’t be transported, which include…

  • Explosives
  • Flammables
  • Fuming Acids
  • Pesticides 
  • Paints
  • Solvents

To transport them, you need the permission of government authorities and other relevant parties. In addition to the driver partaking in an ADR test.

Can I drive road freight?

Yes, you can transport cargo via road freight, if you have passed the legally required qualifications that allow you to transport goods. If your road freight is being transported out of the UK, there may be customs procedures depending on the item.

Of course, if you have a driving licence and insurance, and a vehicle with enough size, certain items can be delivered by you. But when it comes to larger items, seeking the services of a logistics business is the smart solution. 

Delivering DIY: Road freight for home improvement

Road freight is capable of transporting certain materials, or fixtures spanning from furniture, to bespoke fittings, kitchen, or bedroom/bathroom units, and so much more. Whether you create the things to send, or you are receiving them, road freight is likely the last step before the item is delivered.

The benefit of using a road freight solution through a logistics business, such as Radius Warehouse and Logistics, is that your goods will be handled with the utmost care by professionals with years of experience.

Our comprehensive network has enabled us to provide competitive, reliable, and most importantly a quick and quality service spanning the UK and beyond. As a result, we can offer services that are optimised for your needs, whether this be through dedicated vehicles, full or part loads, and more. 

This can be essential for DIY components, which can sometimes take up a lot of space, and even weigh extraordinary amounts. Whether it’s a building material sourced outside the UK, or an extremely expensive bespoke fitting, our consignments are monitored throughout its journey with us, also being checked daily. 

This can be crucial when opting to use the services of a logistics company, especially if the goods transported costs a large amount. Having the peace of mind of knowing where the delivery is can alleviate any concerns for exporters and recipients alike. Request a quote today!

The benefits of using road freight 

In addition, when opting to choose Radius Warehouse and Logistics Services, your DIY/home improvement delivery can benefit from the following advantages we offer…

  • A dependable & dedicated service supported by a vast amount of experience, technology, and expertise.
  • Daily Departures to European countries such as Italy, Spain, France, Holland, and more. 
  • Extensive surface through Europe, Scandinavia, and Ireland.
  • Express/Next day delivery on some cargo.
  • A fleet of vans and trucks of all sizes.
  • An option for a road courier service for smaller items.

We also provide ancillary services, which are services that relate to cargo inspection, preparation of customs documentation, storage of transported good, or goods to be transported. This is vital for anybody who wants to export their DIY/home improvement goods.

Our ancillary services cover…

  • Documentation services.
  • Nationwide collection and delivery in the United Kingdom.
  • Express deliveries in the UK and globally.

Is there an alternative to road freight?

Not exactly. At some point, road freight will be used as part of the delivery process. Freight trains can carry the same amount as 76 HGV’s, with lower CO2 Emissions. But the location of the final delivery won’t exactly be beside the rail depot. It will be collected by a road freight service to take to its final destination.

When it comes to air freight, transport to and from the airports is required. Some sea freight can accommodate HGV vehicles, allowing for a single vehicle to be responsible for a delivery all the way to the destination.

Is using road freight bad for the environment?

A valid concern for the use of road freight is the CO2 emissions that emit from the use of vehicles, especially HGV’s. With that being said, modern logistics businesses are integrating carbon friendly vehicles and systems that can help to reduce the output of emissions.

Is there a downside to road freight?

The downside to road freight is the same as with any cargo delivery system. There is always a chance of unforeseen circumstances that can disrupt or extended the journey time. This can include dangerous weather, accidents, road closures and more.

With a professional logistics business, road freight operators are in constant communication with their overseers to update each other on any developments or issues that could stall the journey of that delivery. This can also be relayed back to the exporter and their customer. 

A further downside to using road freight, is the possibility of a vehicle being used that hasn’t had the required checks or maintenance. (Granted, this is not a possibility when using the service of a long-established logistics business such as Radius Warehouse and Logistics).

A vehicle, that regularly drives a large amount of distance, should be checked and maintained wherever possible. This is to ensure the vehicle is in the safest and most optimal state it can be in, to maintain the safety of the driver, pedestrians and road users, and the goods being transported.

Don’t DIY! Use road freight services today

We at Radius Warehouse and Logistics Services encourage you to get in contact with us to see how our services can benefit you. Alternatively, you can get a quote from us directly, or visit our help and advice page for anything further you may need help with.

We hope that our blog highlighted the key elements you need to know when it comes to delivering DIY: Road freight for home improvement.

With over 20 years of experience as an independent freight forwarder, you can expect quality service from us. In addition to being a member of BIFA, and trading under the standard trading terms of BIFA, We are also staffed by a dedicated core of enthusiastic and efficient professionals.

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