Freight forwarders act as the middle party, arranging for goods to be moved both nationally and internationally. When it comes to freight movement, they are there to remove the stress, ensure cost-effective prices and manage your shipments effectively. Whether you’ve been shipping goods internationally for years or are considering this as a growth plan, identifying the right freight forwarder is vital. There are many companies and individuals out there who claim to have the experience and contacts to support you. So, we’ve pulled together 5 questions to ask your freight forwarding company before signing up for their services.

  • 1. What Experience Do They Have?

In order to offer a swift, trouble-free, and cost-effective service, freight forwarders need to have experience. Over the years, they build up a list of contacts in the shipping trade which allows them to access special rates, identify the best packages and serve their clients appropriately. Understanding how many years they have been working in this field and what their scope of experience is is vital. Here at Radius Warehouse and Logistics, we have over 25 years of experience and have become specialists in the USA and Far East inbound and outbound movements.

  • 2. How Extensive Is Your Network?

Whether you choose to work with an individual or freight forwarding company will dictate how wide their network is. A robust base of international contacts will help to facilitate the movement of your freight to its end destination. As we mentioned above, it helps to ensure your goods are passed on the swiftest path and that you receive the best prices for these services. Understanding whether your chosen freight forwarder has contacts in the region you need to trade with is the most practical way to ensure your shipments move without issue.

  • 3. What Is the Scope of Their Services?

Freight forwarders are there to help you move goods from one country to another. But it pays to have a clear understanding of the specific scope of their services. Do they simply ensure your goods are taken care of during transit? Will they collect the goods from your warehouse and organise transport to the sorting warehouse once it reaches its destination company? You may save money by working with a freight forwarder for only the most complicated areas of your cargo’s movement. But, the responsibility then falls on you to source other contacts on either side and the costs for this can skyrocket.

  • 4. Can I Track My Shipment?

With modern technology, many shipping companies allow you to track the movement of your freight with high accuracy. Whether or not this option is available falls down to the specific contacts that a freight forwarder has. For businesses offering time-sensitive deliveries, this service is vital. So make sure you have an understanding of whether you have tracking capabilities and when they will come into play.

  • 5. Do You Provide Insurance?

Any shipment that travels away from the registered owner needs to be insured to cover for loss or damage. Many people assume that freight forwarders will offer insurance but this isn’t always correct. In some instances, this will be offered as part of a package. However, you need to confirm this and organise shipment to cover, if it is not already included.

Here at Radius Warehouse and Logistic Services, we are an independent freight forwarder offering logistics solutions for worldwide cargo movements. All of our professionals have many years of experience in all aspects of freight forwarding. We are a member of the BIFA and trade under these standard trading terms. We’re here to help ensure your goods get to their end destination on time and in pristine condition. Request a quote or contact us for more information today.